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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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loss. realizing everything they own burned up along with their home. >> this is so sad. she did everything. one piece of furniture, she spent four days to collect all items. >> reporter: a man so upset in this video he bangs his head on a wand post. the smoldering hot spots this afternoon brought fire trucks, once again, to the charred rubble. >> when your neighbors are, you know, have problems like this you have to help. >> reporter: but this tragedy has brought the best out of their neighbors, who are giving a helping hand, renn when their own homes sustained damage. despite the emotional scars and the long paths to rebuilding they have each other. this man summed it up for his neighborhood. >> we are all like a family here. when someone is hurt we are all hurt. thank god no one got hurt. homes can come back but human beings don't come back. >> reporter: here's some of the family still here outside of the fence looking at their
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charred home tonight. we know that the fire started in that center home, right beside this family in a back porch. they don't know what what caused it but they are relying forensics. we will hopefully find out what happened with this fire. we also know there were two dogs and three cats that also perished in the fire. live here in manassas, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> thank you. so how did the fire spread so quickly from one house to another? and what can be done to keep it from happening in your neighborhood? peggy fox continues our team coverage and is live with answers. >> reporter: wind was apparently a factor and you condition do anything about that. we all know these homes were built very close together with minimal exterior fire standards. nothing against code but some neighbors are suggesting maybe the code needs changed. >> reporter: firefighters could not stop the blaze from burning three houses to the ground. people who live nearby watched
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in astonish as the fire gained momentum. >> it was crazy. we thought our house was going to be next and all of a sudden it jumped across the street to back across. the wind just blew it. >> reporter: the flames didn't have to go far. >> they are very close. that's the problem with houses these days they are too close together. >> reporter: the fire marshal says the closeness of the homes contributed to the rapid spread. >> ten to 18 feet between the houses. certainly if you were on lots larger and the houses were staggered, you wouldn't see that type of spread that you see here. >> reporter: and he says the exterior walls are within code but had the lowest rating for fire prevention. >> here you have vinyl siding over particle board. >> reporter: the homes have no sprinklers. they are not required to but the issue is under heated debate. the national ohm home builders association successfully lobbied against requiring sprinkler systems in homes and they say if it was on the
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outside sprinklers would not have helped. the fire marshal disagreed. >> it came from the outside which which means it went inside. as soon as it hit the first barrier of sprinklers we could have probably held it in check at that point until the fire department came and extinguished it the rest of the way. >> reporter: the fire marshal is the president of the virginia fire prevention association, which is pushing to require builders to install sprinklers in homes. he says the industry has to weigh the possible losses against added costs and what people can afford. >> yesterday one of the firefighters was talking about vinyl siding and what that may have -- how that may have contributed in the fire. what does the fire marshal say about that? >> any firefighter they talk to they to be like vinyl siding in general but they say it is the case everywhere. it is cheap and easy to maintain so you can't stop vinyl siding. you can't require brick. it is too costly, but he says what people need to do is
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practice better fire safety. he said just in manassas alone, in the last year, they had $100,000 worth of kitchen fires. he said people need to pay attention. they cannot leave grills burn thong porch and walk away. be cognizant of fire safety. and it would do a lot of good, he says. >> thank you for that report. 0 record record-breaking heat across the area tonight. topper is on the terrace on this friday. hit the 90s today, huh, top? >> yeah, we shattered records. didn't just break them. we shattered the records. we will zoom in, these are unofficial. we don't know the final numbers until 5:30. we know it has been 98 at national. it tied the record in baltimore 95. at least 96 at dulles for a new record high, as well. notice all of the records were set in the same year of 1970 and they will be replaced in the same year of 2010. no doubt about that. right now it is still toasty.
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97 downtown. 95 manassas. upper 90s as far as frederick and leesburg. and 99 out toward culpeper. now, we'll come back and talk about some big changes in store over the weekend. they will be gradual. by the time you get to sunday afternoon, this will be a distant memory. >> okay, top. speaking of the weather, according to the weather channel, we here in the dc metro area suffered some of the worst summers in america. the ranking is based on the number of damaging thunderstorms, check. flash floods, oppressive heat and drought. seems like we had it all. lindh hundred lindsey mastis live from the national mall with more. >> reporter: it is extremely hot out here but the weather channel says we had the worst summer in the country. they are saying it is not just because of the heat but also because of the storms that we had. that the dc area, the maryland area, was some of the worst. july had tied for the hottest record. they tied with 1993 for the hottest record ever recorded.
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step foot on the national mall and you will work up a sweat. >> not that bad but get water in you and move an. >> it is not as bad as in july. >> some people are feeling it more than others. pat apple has one of the hottest jobs, driving people around in the ped did cab. >> i started to wet like my body knew. >> reporter: he was drenched in wet head to toe in i'm wetting bullet and i have been out here for half an hour. >> reporter: once he gets up a good speed, a nice cool breeze starts to come through. >> i'm hoping for fall weather sometime soon. the heat will bring me rides and so, it's good in that regard, but if it were ten degrees cooler that would be significantly better in my book. >> reporter: just as as soon as he gets going he has to make an
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emergency stop. >> there's a screw in the tire. >> reporter: it's the worst time to have to change the tire. >> that will do it, 100% of the time. >> reporter: other drivers know the feeling all too well. >> can't get good at it without doing it. that's why i'm so good at it [ laughter ] >> reporter: apple says he works for tips only and he is hoping that all the hard work will pay off. >> i know the heat will end my day today, not necessarily the fatigue in my legs which is typically the case. >> reporter: summer one great but winner was worse. according to the weather channel, we came in second and tied for second. they said the city that had the worst winter was miami beach. reporting live in washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> unseasonably cold there. thank you. virginia governor says there will be no confederate history month next year. the governor was widely
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criticized when the declared last april confederate history month. he left out anti-slavery language in his proclamation. he apologized and now has declared april civil war in virginia month. montgomery county attorney bruce stern conceded to rockville businessman michael phillips in the race for the republican nod. they were separated by a few dozen votes after the ballots were counted. he faces if chris van holen in the fall. iran's president defended remarks he made about the u.n. about 9/11. mahmoud ahmadinejad claims most people in the world believe the u.s. was behind the terror attack and as manuel gallegus reports, today, president obama fired back. >> reporter: president obama has strong words for iran's leader. >> it was offensive and hateful. >> reporter: the president is slamming mahmoud ahmadinejad for suggesting the u.s.
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government was behind the 9/11 attacks to prop up israel. the iranian president made the comment at the united nations on thursday. >> particularly for him to make the statement here in manhattan, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved ones. for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. >> reporter: mahmoud ahmadinejad claims that most of the world and most americans are suspicious about what happened here at ground zero. and says the u.s. government used 9/11 to justify two wars. >> under the pretext of that event, two countries were invaded. and up until now, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed as a result. >> reporter: president obama insists mahmoud ahmadinejad doesn't represent the people of iran. >> it just shows, once again, sort of the difference between how the iranian leadership than regime operates and how i think
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the vast majority of the iranian people, who are respectful and thoughtful think about these issues. >> reporter: the president says the u.s. and iran do not have to be enemies, and he's still willing to extend a diplomate hand. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. the topic of iran's nuclear program, mahmoud ahmadinejad said he is prepared to set a date to resume talks with other world powers and said that could happen in october. here at home, police have linked a so-called preppy burglar to a home in silver spring. police say he is the guy in a white shirt and tie caught on camera burglarizing a house. someone saw the video, recognized him and called police. he is charged with burglary and theft among other things. the search continues for a car jacker who's among three suspects that stole a car this
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morning on silver hill road in suitland. they fled to the district where they exchanged fire with police. no one was hurt. two people are in custody this evening. the manhunt is continuing for a third suspect in prince georges county. a deadly crash tied up traffic on 66 this morning. officials say all the eastbound lanes were shut down. it was because of a collision involving seven vehicles, prior to the roosevelt bridge. fire officials say the initial 911 call indicated that the driver, believed to have caused the crash, may have suffered a medical emergency. the driver, 52-year-old chip moss died at the hospital. two victims in another car suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. after a week of disputes this water main break in southeast is finally getting fixed. it's a six-inch main and it's been leaking in the 2500 block of palmeroy road. the ground was so saturated a tree toppled over.
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no one knew who was responsible to fix it. but turns out the pipe belongs to dc water and they are the ones making the repairs. let's check on the rush hour as people get ready for the weekend. >> you said it. it is friday. i wish i had better news for you but it is heavy and steady out there. start with 495 in montgomery county. stop and go from connecticut past university to college park. outer loop we have a crash at pennsylvania avenue. 95, tracking the commute south, date city to triangle a half hour delay. route 50, all lanes are open right now. back to you. if stephen colbert's trip to captiol hill today was aimed at getting attention, it worked. how his testimony on undocumented workers went over with congress. after a brief court appearance in beverly hills, lindsay lohan is sent back to jail for failing drug tests. i will have that story coming
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up. but first, a bizarre bank robbery in miami. robbers strap a bomb to a teller and then force him to go to his bank to get the cash.
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a bank hostage drama unfolded near the university of miami in coral gables. it has ended peacefully but listen to this, authorities say a bank of america teller was abducted this morning. he's now safe. the three suspects, who abducted him, got away. the fbi says a robber strapped a possible bomb to this man's chest, and forced him to steal money from the bank. the university of miami used text messages to alert students to the situation, which again is over. the university of virginia is holding day-long discussions about campus safety and
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violence prevention today. they are calling it a day of dialogue toward a caring community. this event comes five months after the death of yardly love, a lacrosse player. her exboyfriend is charged with her murder. it is deja vu for lindsey low man. the troubled actress is back in jail after failing a court- ordered mandatory drug test. sandra hughs is live in beverly hills where she is serving her third prison sentence in three years. sandra? >> reporter: well, the hearing here in beverly hills took about ten minutes, and beforehand lindsay lohan was smiling and laughing with her attorney but that tone changed very quickly. she somewhere are entered the courthouse dressed in the hollywood starlet style, short skirt, high heels, dark sun glasses. she did not speak or cry during a brief court appearance. and then he was led away in handcuffs to begin to process for her new look.
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one she has worn before, jailhouse orange. >> she's going to go through the same physical and mental evaluation. she will be housed as what we call a keepaway because of the celebrity status that she has. >> reporter: lohan is behind bars after failing a mandatory drug test required after the violated probation on her 2007 dui and drug arrest. she will remain there until a probation revocation hearing on october 22nd. legal analysts believe the judge was sending lohan a message, wake up. this is your last chance. get sober and fix your life. that's why he didn't allow for bail. no bail means she won't be released early like last time because of jail overcrowding. while lohan had admitted her mistake on twitter, it appeared the immediate go to jail ruling surprised everyone. >> i don't think anyone in that courtroom, from the observers in the courtroom to lindsay lohan's lawyer was expecting the judge to remand her.
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>> reporter: her mom was in court as was her father. >> she hasn't gotten help for her addiction yet. she doesn't make the right decisions. she doesn't know better. >> reporter: this setback could hurt her planned comeback. the role of the life of lindy lovely could be put on hold. this is the third time she has gone to jail and it will be an uncomfortable night for her in jail and no smoking, drinking or drugs in that lynn wood facility. >> will her lawyer appeal? are you getting any sense of where this goes next? >> well, right now she's not giving us any indication on what she will do. obviously, analysts said she was surprised by what happened in the courtroom, and she hasn't given us any indication of whether she will try to file any kind of appeal on the judge's order from today. >> we'll see if this is the
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thing that helps her to turn her life around. sandra hughs, thank you. >> the national guard is helping desperate people knee deep in floodwaters in the midwest. arcadia and wisconsin are among the hardest hit. roads have collapsed in to craters and row boats have become the best form of transportation. minnesota is also in a state of emergency. hundreds have been evacuated after thunderstorms caused creeks and rivers to burst over their bank. and get this, even more rain is expected. that rain is not the story here but the heat is. >> the heat is. we didn't just tiptoe past the record high today. we shattered the record highs. i mean big time. now, we have video for you. it wasn't exactly like july weather. it was not humid. you went out and we had a breeze. the breezes up to 25 miles an hour right now. if you are out in the water, very comfortable. and if you are walking around town tonight, even pretty comfortable. you can leave your sweaters at
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home for high school football. i think we can safely say that. here's the forecast for the next three days. temperatures will be warm tomorrow. in the mid to upper 80s which is ten above average. slight chance of a shower. i don't think it will affect the terps, though. on sunday, much, much cooler, only 72. could see showers or drizzle before the day is out. on monday a good chance of rain and showers and thunderstorms. highs in the upper 70s to near 80. so it will get cooler. we will break down tomorrow. not a bad day at all. certainly the better of the two weekend days if you want to do stuff outdoors. 47 to start. 81 by lunchtime and 87 by edging, perhaps a shower. kickoff at college park is just after noon. right now, still 97 at national. 95 in manassas. 96 fredericksburg. so temperatures almost 20 degrees above average. when you get temperatures 20 degrees either side of average you are rewriting the record books and that's the truth. tonight, clear to partly cloudy
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skies. breezy and mild. low 60s in the suburbs. low 70s downtown and winds continue southwesterly 10 to 15 overnight which will make it feel more comfortable. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and warm. slight chance of a shower. 60s and 70s to start and winds, again, southwesterly at 10 to 15. by afternoon, the frontal system will go through us and the winds will kick and become northwesterly at 10 to 15 but still warm. highs 84 to 88 and a slight chance of a shower. of course that is ten degrees cooler than today so a little improvement. look at the highs tomorrow. 867 gaithersburg -- 87 gaithersburg. 88 andrews and springfield. off to the west, plenty of upper 80s. 87 reston. 86 sterling and leesburg. satellite picture, radar combined. you see the skinny line of showers. that's the cold front. not a strong one but probably the best chance of getting a sprinkle or shower tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon and that's about it. i wouldn't change your plans if they are front, that's for
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sure. next seven days, 87 tomorrow and cooler. low 70s on sunday. maybe showers or drizzle late. monday the best chance of showers, rain and thunderstorms. upper 70s maybe morning showers on tuesday and should clear up, upper 70s. back to 80 next thursday and friday highs in the mid-70s. >> approaching fall temperatures. >> getting there. a little diversion, little detour. >> no kidding. thanks a lot. hollywood loses one of its greats. coming up, remembering the controversial life of eddie fisher.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. heads up for people who live in fort deet rick, maryland. the epa is looking at water. the army says it is looking in to the chance that somebody came on to the installation and poured green dye in to a storm drain. official says the water looks like it was colored with dye that's used in water flow
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studies. it is illegal to use such dye without a epa permit. >> for more go to "usa today" and find your community in the where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. a story or a news tip, we want to hear it. contact us and be part of the team. the funeral for a navy seal from silver spring, killed in afghanistan is tentatively set for next thursday. dematha high school graduate, lieutenant brendan looney, was among nine personnel killed in a helicopter crash on tuesday. his funeral will take place at st. john the baptist roman catholic church in silver spring and a wake will be held the night before. a changing of the guard today at andrews air force base. the leader of the 7 tth medical wing. mayor graham turned over his command to general koran at a ceremony this morning. he is retiring in january.
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coming up new at 5:30. craziness on captiol hill. all over a come median. i'm bruce leshan. the story is coming up. ♪
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stephen colbert on captiol hill. and parents are urged to pay close attention to furniture that can tip over and be deadly to young children. there could be a new way to treat prostate cancer without the side effects of surgery or radiation. sometimes it is hard to know where reality starts and television begins. colbert testified on captiol hill about immigration workers. bruce leshan was there for the chaotic scene. >> come to the rally. >> i blew it. >> reporter: scores of cameras and hundreds of fans crowded the house judiciary
5:30 pm
subcommittee on immigration to hear a liberal come median who plays a blow hard pundit on tv. >> i hope my star power can bump the hearing all the way up to c-span 1. >> reporter: colbert spent one day on a farm as part of the take our jobs campaign. >> you are on my turf here. >> can i punch him? did he say something bad to me? >> reporter: and his competitors at fox news are furious he was called to testify as an expert. >> the idea we are going to waste our taxpayer dollars for this go guy to go to captiol hill and we're supposed to sit there and take that. >> no. you are supposed to sit there and blow it out of proportion. read your contract. >> reporter: even his critics couldn't help but laugh. >> i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american and sliced by a guatemala listen and served by a venezuelan in that spa where a
5:31 pm
chilean gives me a brazilian. >> there was a moment where he was serious. >> i like to talk about people who don't have any power. and this seems like one of the least powerful people in the united states are migrant workers who come and do our work but don't have any rights as a result. >> back away from the car. back away from the car. >> reporter: without even an autograph or a hand shake thanks for packing the corn, stephen. >> thehe was gone. >> we are yet to see the strange mix of comedy and reality and political message. he will be back next month for a march on the mall to "keep fear alive "while his cohort, jon stewart rallies to restore sanity. eddie fisher is remembered today. his singing career was overshadowed by scandals over his marriages to debbie renn olds and -- reynolds and
5:32 pm
elizabeth taylor died at the age of 82. his daughter said he died from complications of hip surgery. >> we always feel badly when anyone passes on, and so, naturally my children are very upset that eddie had to pass on. but he wasn't well at all. you know, the last years have not been kind. so, now he's in a nice place. i feel that god has taken him on to another place where he will be happier. >> reporter: when fisher married debbie reynolds in 1955, they were touted as america's favorite coupleful their daughter, carrie fisher later became an actress and best-selling author. a west virginia woman was sentenced to 18 months probation for the death of her pet dog. catherine washington pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. police say she left her lab in a hot car in a costco parking lot in frederick last july. when she came back after shopping the dogs were dead.
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animal care staff at the national zoo are keeping an eye on this girl. an asian elephant, after she underwent artificial inseminations in hopes she will become pregnant. the successful pregnant would be a key milestone in its commit to asian elephant conservation. the recent recall for similac formula has worried parents seeking for answers. abbott laboratories the maker of the formula recalled 5 million containers because pieces of bug parts were found inside of some cans them fda says babies may develop some digestive i discomfort but the tainted form la poses no serious health risk. >> they shouldn't worry that much but since it is a voluntary recall they should stop giving those products that have been recalled to their children. >> reporter: abbott industries says it can be returned for a full refund but parents trying to find answers on the website are hitting a virtual brick
5:34 pm
wall because they can't get on the site. to help you find out if your baby's formula is part of the recalled lot, we have a link to the list on our website at just click on "living $mart." here's something you should pay attention to. a startling statistic. one child dies every two weeks when tv, furniture or appliance falls on them. the consumer product safety commission reports receiving nearly 200 tipover related deaths involving children between 2,000 and 2008. and now the federal agency wants parents to take action to keep their children safe. >> the last conversation i had with her was good night, mommy. i love you. >> the next morning, sylvia santiago would be startled awake by a loud crash. >> i woke up to the sound of the tv falling. and i called her name. i turned around and saw her legs under the tv. >> reporter: sylvia's 2-year-
5:35 pm
old daughter died when the tv tipped over in 2008. she never thought that could happen. and she wishes that someone had warned her that a piece of furniture could be a deadly hazard if it is not properly secured. >> you don't think of those things. they don't tell you to do that when you get out of the hospital with your baby. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission has received reports of nearly 200 tip-over related deaths involving children 8 years and under under over an eight year period. and 8,000 children were treated in emergency rooms during the same time for injuries resulting when bulky pieces of furniture fell on to them. the federal agency urges parents to follow these important safety steps to keep children out of harm's way. anchor your television, dressers, book shelves and other large pieces of furniture. televisions should be placed on a sturdy, low rise base and pushed as far back as possible and avoid placing items like remote controls on top of a tv
5:36 pm
stand, book shelf or chest that might tempt a child to climb on to it and reach. >> taking a few moments now to anchor and secure tvs, furniture and appliances can prevent a tipover tragedy later. >> reporter: so this is a tip restrain and you can find it at the neighborhood hardware or baby store for $15. and while you are thinking about that, you want to make sure any free standing ranges in the home or stoves have one installed, too. it really can save a life. >> great information. coming up next, a pilot is rushed to the hospital after surviving a fiery crash at this air show. and don't forget, we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work
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means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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caught on tape, a plane crash at an air show in indonesia. the pilot was on are the only one on board. he is this critical condition. the air hoe was suspended after the crash. caught on tape, two around robbery suspects who had a bad night. this is surveillance video. first they go to a colorado liquor store only to try to get out of there quick when the clerk fires a shot in the ceiling. a few minutes lair the same robbers tried to rob another liquor store. turns out the clerk was armed and shot them both and he didn't miss. they were with arrested a short time later and are in the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. an oregon bank robbery suspect the fbi nicknamed the where's waldo bandit popped up on facebook to claim responsibility for the crime. a photo of the suspect in the
5:40 pm
tuesday robbery appeared on the facebook page of ryan holdly. one facebook message said i'm now a bank robber. and another reads i'm doing this to pay for my medical expenses. live for today. a portland radio deejay is urging his brother to surrender. >> reach out to him is the advice i would give him. end it while you can and turn yourself in before you hurt yourself or others. >> he says his brother as a serious drug problem and is also a diabetic. it is light or not? >> not so light. we made it to friday. that's the good news. now we want to help you get home safely as possible. on 66 it will be slow from vienna metro to 123 but after that smooth sailing to centreville. as we check over heavily traveled routes throughout, mostly in the red. now you have
5:41 pm
the travel times. get home safely and allow extra time to get home. it is friday and that means it's a big night of football. and coming up we will spotlight a virginia student athlete with fast feet and big dreams who's finally found a home after changing schools several times. >> we did not get a break on the temperatures but we did on the pollen. we will take you out and you can access this on our website at everything in the low range. we will come back and talk about when the temperatures return to the low range. but up next, using ultrasound to destroy prostate cancer cells. a new technique being tested in the u.s. that's tonight's health alert.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. oñoñ for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout.
5:44 pm
ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake. no, i've actually lost weight... [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. [ wife ] babe... i gotta go. [ female announcer ] yoplait, it is so good. for every pink lid you send in, yoplait will donate 10 cents to susan g. komen for the cure. with your help, we've donated $25 million over 12 years. so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time. (announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. september is prostate cancer awareness month. researchers at a new york hospital are trying to bet the
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word out about an experimental treatment for the disease. clinical trials are underway on something called hyphoo. >> 62-year-old steven brooks has battled prostate cancer twice. >> what's my life expectancy? >> reporter: first time he was treated with radiation but when it came back he enrolled in a clinical trial using a novel new treatment. he credits the lower p sax a to high food treatment which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. >> it is more accurate in terms of delivering energy to a specific area without damaging surrounding areas. >> because it doesn't harm the rest of the prostate it has fewer side effects than standard treatments like surgery and radiation. >> no. no. >> reporter: right now, clinical trials are for patients whose prostate cancer has returned but if it gets fda approval it could be used as a first line treatment.
5:46 pm
he says he wants to be an example for other african- american men since they are more likely to develop prostate cancer and twice as likely to die from it. >> if you don't take the test what chance do you have? when you feel the pain it is too late. >> reporter: it is approved for use in many parts of the world including canada and mexico. so, what will it take to get the next obesity drug approved? on biocentury this week, leading weight loss doctors discuss obesity fighting obstacles. that is 8:30 this sunday morning on wusa. if you are looking to buy a flat screen tv, the large supply is causing prices to plummet in time for the holiday shopping season. one market research company says prices could drop 12% over the last three months of the year. halloween is not as scary for retamers this year. a survey by the national retail federation says each person is expected to spend $86 on
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costumes, candy and decorations. and that's $10 more than last year. four out of ten people are planning to dress up for the holiday with lady gaga and twilight characters expected to be the most popular costumes and many kids will dress up as their favorite super heros. i will have to pass on lady gaga. digital books are coming to a library near you and you can sample the collection inside of a digital bookmobile on thenal national mall. the 74-foot 18 wheeler is an updated version. it is part of the national book festival. it takes place tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 on the national mall. there will be readings, book signings and literary activities for the whole family and digital books as well this year and it won't be t 7 degrees either. -- 97 degrees either. >> no.
5:48 pm
actually the numbers are in. 99. almost triple-digits. that would have been special. here's the forecast the next three days. warm tomorrow if not record setting. mid to upper 80s. slight chance of a sprinkle. i don't think it will be a problem for the terps game at all. 72 on sunday. there's the big change. look at that. mostly cloudy with light drizzle late. low 70s and then on monday a good chance of rain and showers and perhaps some thunderstorms. temperatures still hold in the upper 70s to near 80. we will break down tomorrow for you. probably the better of the two days. sunday is not a washout but i think you will prefer saturday. a little more sunshine and warmer. mid-70s to start. 81 by lunchtime and upper 80s by evening. a chance of a sprinkle. ago cold front rolls through the day. summer in fall it happens frequently in the metro area. record highs were shattered the old record 94. the new record 99. the old record at dulles 92.
5:49 pm
the new record 97. the complete list for you on 9 news now coming up at 6:00. it is also our 66th day of 90- degree weather. one more and we tie the number of days for a year, most number of days for a year hitting 90 or higher. two more and we rewrite that tidbit in the history book. only until unget 11th to do that. after october 11th there are no 90s in the record book. another 14, 15, almost two weeks. 97 downtown still. 95 in andrews. 93 manassas and 95 frederick a lot of these high school football games will be starting with temperatures in the low 90s, believe it or not and thionates game may start with the low 90s. a nice evening. nice breeze. clear to partly cloudy, breezy and mild. 64 to 72. winds southwest at 10 to 15. tomorrow we are looking at a slight chance of a shower to start. very few and far between. 60s and 70s. breezy and warm. by afternoon, partly cloudy,
5:50 pm
breezy and warm. maybe a shower. highs 84 to 88. winds northwesterly at 10 to 15. all right. the next seven days. mid to upper 80s on saturday. terps are home and low 70s on sunday. there's the big change. upper 70s on monday an tuesday and wednesday. good chance of showers and rain and thunderstorms on monday. lingering, kind of leading in to tuesday morning and very nice on wednesday and thursday. and even friday, partly cloudy a livele cooler. highs in the mid-70s. by that, by next friday that will be average. >> yeah. we are cool with cooler. >> yeah. >> sounds good. >> we are cool when we are not 99 degrees. all right. we are talking about a young man who has finally found himself an athletic home and boy is that a good thing. >> he has fast feet and is a good one, too. he will be on display tonight. his name is dominique terrell an he is quite a catch but there is a problem. no one school has been able to
5:51 pm
keep them in their clutches. in our 9 sports high school spotlight tonight, greg explains how this crafty quarterback, who's moved a lot, has finally found a home. >> reporter: when dominique was in the 8th grade he knew he was special. >> i was scoring a lot and they said i had potential to go somewhere. >> reporter: after his freshman year he moved to osbourne park when the potential became reality. the first scholarship offer came from virginia, his junior year. >> i played it cool like i wasn't excited and when i got home i told everybody. >> reporter: dominique's time at osbourne park didn't last long. after his junior season his parents separated, his mom moved again, which meant he had to switch high schools for a second time, now he was going from osbourne park to arch rival osbourne. >> a move that dominique one thrilled about at first. >> we were trying our hardest
5:52 pm
to talk him in to not going but she wanted to go so we had to go. >> reporter: even though he was hesitant his new teammates were thrilled. >> i was really excited. >> reporter: as was the head coach steve shut. he knew the type of player he was getting. >> when you get a kid to come to your program you are excited as a coach to take that in. >> reporter: these days there's no slowing down dominique or those division one scholarship offers which now stand at 20 and could reach 30. though there's only one goal dominique is focused on. >> get a ring. that's definitely what it is. that's why i play football, to get a ring. >> reporter: in manassas, 9 news now. he's quite a player and they will play osbourne park tonight. >> i love how he say he plays in cool from front of everybody and goes home and freaks out.
5:53 pm
>> good job. thanks a lot. up next in friday's heros, speaking of good stuff, helping young children who don't know they are homeless. and a local organization that hopes to keep it that way. coming up new at 6:00, montgomery county installing some new athletic fields. why the new technology has some parents concerned. we will tell you more. i'm peggy fox with we are following channel 9 traffic reporter angie goff's pregnancy up until the baby is here. we are going with her on doctor appointments, maternity shopping with angie and her pregnant friends and checking out the latest baby gear all expectant mothers should have. check it out on oh my
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5:56 pm
nearly a 200 point gain on the market. when a homeless person puts his hand out for a handout, some of you keep walking but what if the homeless person is only 3 years old. derek takes us to a place where the tiniest victims of a bad economy get a second chance at
5:57 pm
a bright beginning. >> reporter: this is one homeless dude you will not see hanging on the median strip begging for a dollar. heck, right now he dunn even know he's homeless and here at bright beginnings they just as soon keep it that way. >> we are here to support these homeless children, support these families. >> reporter: dr. betty joe gains runs bright beginnings in northwest dc which she calls a safe haven for the children of homelessness. 6 months to 5 years old it is day care and more than that. >> we have a strong educational component. it is designed to provide healthy children prepare for school. we serve them three hot meals a day. >> reporter: plus, a hefty dose of love and one-on-one attention. not to mention programs to help the parents get on their feet, as well. gains says question one when they come in the door is how can we help?
5:58 pm
>> if a parent says i would like to get my ged, we do not offer ged programs, we will seek out an agency that will provide that service for the families. >> reporter: services margaret battle desperately needed when she brought her 2 and 5-year- olds here after losing her teachers aide position in prince georges county. >> i loved it because you don't find too many programs like bright beginnings. >> reporter: nor will you find any better reason than this one to support it. >> when you see the smiles on these children's faces you know why we are here an it says everything. >> reporter: great looking kids. bright beginnings has several events coming up including a baby shower with a purpose and shop for a cause. for more info on this organization and other charities we are file, go to our website at click on the heros central link. >> thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local
5:59 pm
station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. a manassas community is still in shock after a massive fire that burned three homes practically to the ground. finding the cause will be no easy task. surae chinn is live with more on what we know. surae? >> investigators don't know what caused the fire. right now what we do know is the fire clearly was devastating, going through three homes, basically almost burning it to the ground. we also know the fire started in the center lot in the back porch. the fire so hot it burned the homes in a matter of minutes. we are across the street here and this is tom taylor's home. the heat and fire so hot that it burned and heat melted the siding from top to bottom. this i want you to check out home video that was shot moments after the call came out. flames shooting 50 feet in the air. thick, black, billowing smoke that raged like an inferno spreadin


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